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Queen Sheba Capital

Fund Distribution Switzerland

Our services – we want to enrich the Swiss fund offering with new funds or fund managers. Initiators should be new to Switzerland and not visible via well-known platforms.

Our rule incorporates the following criteria:

BOUTIQUE: Able to implement an innovative strategy, or a clear unique selling point (USP). 

„ONSHORE“: European UCITS or AIF – no offshore experiments, especially not from exotic islands. We trust in a qualified and modern structure.

Our approach is based on our network: We work exclusively on a trailer fee or commission basis – this keeps us remain fully effective, working solely in your interest, whilst avoiding unnecessary inquiries. 

Queen Sheba Capital

Fund & Distribution Consulting

Fund distribution, fund set-up, reviewing service providers, or market access is no secret. However, our knowledge, experience and knowing the right specialist means we are best positioned to deliver success. 

We offer you services ranging from a go-to-market strategy and introduction services to service analysis or (interim) sales assistance/management.

Queen Sheba Capital

About us

Let’s talk fundsOur slogan is designed to appeal to the buy and sales side. Reveal or improve new products for our clients, whilst avoiding all the „trappings“ of investments.

The name QEEN SHEBA: Inspired by the opening music of Act 3 of the oratorio Salomon (1748, HWV 67) by Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759). Example?

Nice fact: the Queen of Sheba (Queen of the South, Queen of Meroe or Queen Balquis) appears in all three monotheistic world religions. 

Queen Sheba Capital

Norbert Schmitz, CEO & Founder

Born and raised in Neuss (Germany), lives, and works in Switzerland since 2008.

Norbert has been working in fund and asset management for 25 years in various functions. After an apprenticeship in General Banking (Bankkaufmann) at Sparkasse Neuss, he worked as a fund trader at the private bank Sal. Oppenheim* in Cologne and later in Luxembourg, and then as a custody administrator at WGZ Bank** in Luxembourg. In 2004, he took on the responsibility for business compliance at AXA Investment Managers in Frankfurt and Cologne. Between 2008 and 2013, he was a fund trader and project manager at Rothschild & Cie Zurich. Before founding Queen Sheba Capital, he worked in Zurich at the fund distribution service providers ACOLIN (CEO Office) and OpenFunds Investment Services (Sales Manager).

*Now a part of the Hauck & Aufhäuser Group; **Now a part of DZI Bank Luxembourg.

Languages: German (native), English (fluent), Luxembourgish (fluent), and French (advanced).